While i was jogging...

It is amazing the number of thoughts that just come and fill my mind while i am on my daily (well...almost daily) jog. I first started regular jogging in England and i thank my then personal trainer,Nina to get me started.  Initially of course you cannot think of anything but the aches and groans, but slowly as your mind gets used to the rhythm of your body, it starts getting occupied with other thoughts.....thoughts of a mundane nature....just things on your to-do list for the day, reminders to make phone calls, or just how you wish to ideally plan your day. Sometimes I wish I had a software that could de-code my thoughts and put them on paper for me, because the minute I would land home after my jog all the to-do lists seem to disappear from my mind and its a complete blank till I go for my jog the next day!

All said and done jogging does help clear up my mind and makes me a much calmer and satisfied person. It is hard to describe it but for e.g. On a weekend if I am upset about something and can't seem to find a solution or just irritated with the heaps of ironing to be done while hubby is playing the PS3 --.a simple 20 minute jog in the fresh air makes me come back all relaxed and positive and with a new kind of energy. Sometimes it also leads me on to the road of self-discovery, something which is very hard to do during my normal hectic day.

One of my most recent thoughts has been quite a revelation for myself. I was born and brought up in a big city,lived there for 29 years,moved to Hong Kong and lived there for almost 3 years. I always considered myself to be a city-girl. After that the move to London and it took a lot of getting used to the cold weather, the silent streets, the very 'proper' British people and the absence of any domestic helpers. However as I got used to their way of life I realised that I actually liked it, I made some very good friends and I loved it! I loved living in a house -not a flat, loved mowing my lawn, doing my housework and looking after my kids all by myself. And during one of my very recent jogging sessions I realised that i would actually love to live in the countryside! A nice comfortable, spacious house, with a vegetable patch at the back, some friendly farm animals like a horse, a goat, a few dogs, a hard working husband and two naughty boys making my house a home!! Of course the social side of me would exist too, so I would love calling people over to ours for drinks, dinner or just to relax by our pool and be invited by them too! I would also like to hang out with my girl friends and meet them for coffees or just hang out together at night. Anyway the truth is ---this is who I am and this is what I want from life....and it took a jogging session for me to realise that!!

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