Good morning world, its 6 o'clock

Its 6:00 o'clock on a Sunday morning and here I am sitting at the computer talking to you. Something woke me up, a dream, quite hazy and quite odd. I saw my grandfather ...I also saw my Julie. I was under these thick grape vines trying to carry Julie in one hand and my son in the other and trying to walk out but there were these panda bears hanging above on the vines, some babies, others huge looking down at us and I was wondering if they thought that I was taking one of their young and were just being protective. I did manage to run out though and suddenly I entered this shopping mall and I see my grandfather walking around nicely, all by himself. Actually I haven't seen my grandfather walk by himself in years ...after his accident he always had a walker or a walking stick or someone to hold him while he walked. But here he was, he was buying something from a shop- maybe a greeting card for someone? And then he was walking down some steps all by himself again....walking towards me with a big smile on his face, coming closer and closer.......till my younger son woke me up! I was a bit confused at first then hugged by son tight and lied down with him for another 10-15 minutes thinking about my dream. I normally do that when I want to re-live my dream, else it just vanishes away once I wake up. It was so nice meeting two of my most loved ones who have now passed away into the other world.

I know I will not go back to sleep now, although it's a Sunday and I have no plans for today, I know that I will soon get up and start the day's work. The clothes have already been put in the washing machine, some bit of ironing left, a little bit of tidying up -- till the boys wake up. Mundane things that take away life's stress and worries. I was always a morning person as far as I can remember. My mother got us into this habit early in life. On normal days we would be up by 7:00 and even on a weekend or on a holiday, mum would say, "OK fine I will let you sleep till late today, but you have to wake up by 8 o'clock!" Anyway I must thank her as I feel this is the best part of the day, when you can hear the birds chirping, there is a faint glow in the sky, there are very few people on the road and for just a moment you can almost believe that the world is a safe place to live, where nothing can go wrong, as if no one is having any bad thoughts, doing anything wrong or planning anything to hurt others. Its that time of the day when I am at my freshest best and most productive too. I remember while at school I would use this early morning hour to do a quick revision for my exams before I went to school. An early morning in Lonavla (a hill station close to Bombay) would mean taking a nice long walk breathing in clean, crisp air and of course having my dogs following us. Mornings also remind me of my father sitting in our home in Bombay, at the balcony, in his big high balcony chair and sipping his tea, looking out on the main road. He would always ask for his 'Good morning kiss' when he would see me. Mornings mean listening to the 'doodhwala' (milkman) or the 'paowala' (man who sells bread) ringing their bicycle ghanti (horn) waking up the world as they passed.  Today it is drizzling outside and I guess it has been raining all night... if I were still in school, I would be all excited because an all night rain meant 'No school!' as our area took no time flooding up with the torrential Bombay rains.

My thoughts are comes my son now, looking a little bit confused and groggy and this is what he just told me (in his exact words)  ''Mummy do you know that sand can make your leg feel pokey?!!'' ........looks like someone else has also been dreaming :)

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