It's quiet, isn't it?

20:30 hrs
It's that time of the evening when the day is coming to an end, when the house (that still looks like a mad house) is sounding eerily quiet and still. But today instead of tidying up the toys or hanging out the wet swimwear or finishing my ironing or making the chappatis (Indian bread), I am just sitting down on my couch, stretching my legs on my footstool (God bless buy through Asiaexpat) and writing or rather talking on my blog. I can hear the traffic below and the steady hum of my dehumidifier, that's other noise, no other sound.....complete silence.

An hour ago, there was complete chaos in this very room with my elder son playing on his keyboard moving his fingers as fast he could, beautiful notes and compositions turning into cacophony. This is his latest style by the way, played specially when he knows a tune very well or when he is very tired, like today. He says he likes to play the tunes fast, but I am guessing that he tries to finish off with his piano practice as soon as possible....which actually could be a good thing for me if I could get him into bed right after that, but all that fast piano playing has now charged up his little brother, who was so far trying his best to lie down on the sofa and go off to sleep, but who is now fully awake, ready to get into a rugby tackle with his brother the minute he gets a green signal that the piano session is over.

2 hours ago, we just came back home from a swimming class. The journey from the class back home was music of a different sort filled with my younger son's wails and cries because he wanted to hold his toy car; while the determined mum who is carrying four bags of different sizes and weights is asking him to ride his scooter and reach home first. I always make them ride their scooters on a swim class day and ensure that they scoot to their swim class from school and then scoot back home from there, 15-20 minute journey maybe each way, but a much needed exercise for them according to me. After we reach home, the boys act as if they have run a marathon and collapse on the sofa, while the mum organises their dinner. ''I want sweet corn soup today'', shouts one, and dutifully that is what is produced on the dinner table half an hour later. (By the way this is the very first time I have made this soup at home!) Dinnertime with my sons is a nice treat for me as they are now much calmer and more sociable and this could lead to the possibility of having a good conversation. I normally sit with my big cup of tea with them to relax myself. Today's dinnertime conversation was about sweetcorn soup and I told them stories about how I used to love having this soup with soya sauce as a child and how I would only order this soup along with egg fried rice everytime we were taken to a Chinese restaurant. Both of them did a good job of listening and finishing their bowls so there should be an encore very soon!

21:30- Back to now
Yes, I do take long to write a post, don't I? But I do like checking mails in-between and I did get up once to answer the door for the DHL man and yes I did have a quick cup of sweet-corn soup too :)

Good Night!

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