"You must start a blog!" insisted my husband

Now i know why.
During my day there are so many things that happen, just normal things -- funny incidents, some stranger on the road who is extra kind or rude with me, finding an irresistible Groupon ad, the kids saying something really cute, not being able to find the Kraft cheese macaroni pack in the supermarket or just the soaring prices of tomatoes!  So who do I share all this 'Guess what happened today' news with? I have tried a couple of times with my elder son, but if there is no mention of the word 'football' or 'soccer' or 'PS3' in the first 3 words of the sentence, he just turns away saying "Ya ya whatever". So obviously when my husband comes back home in the evening or should I say almost night, I stop him right at the door and after a customary peck on the cheek, I start about my day....and since there is so much to say, I insist that we not switch on the telly while having dinner in aide of quality conversation. Now a few of my friends had warned me about silent dinner time conversations with just the fork and knife clanking away after 5 or maybe 6 years of marriage and  I thought I was doing a good job of marital bonding where we had so much to talk to each other about even after 10 years of married life! Of course his side of the conversation would be limited to "hmm", "ok", "yes" or just munching his food, so I have to try extra hard.
Its only over the last few days have i noticed the gleam in his eyes when he comes home and I tell him, "Lets hurry up with dinner love, I still have to finish writing my post". That's it! That's all he has been wanting to hear and has finally achieved. Its just that the realisation has dawned on me too late and the telly dominates the house, the master sits in supreme peace!  Well....too bad ... I can't let go of 'marital bliss' so fast.  I will now make sure that he reads my blog ...all of it, before he hits the bed every night, while I continue to write new posts :).

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