Friday night

Its Friday night and here I am sitting on my cosy couch with the laptop on my lap writing this blog and yet at the same time trying to focus on the movie being played on HBO, not that it's a very interesting one which work out better since I can focus more on writing here.

One of the most important things that I miss after a holiday in India is being surrounded by people ALL the time, most of the time or atleast as much time as you want to be surrounded. After I am back it takes me atleast a week or two to get over this need to be surrounded. I managed quite well the whole week keeping myself busy with the kids, my friends, playdates but starting this afternoon I longed for some extra company around me, some extra warmth, extra comfort. I did attempt to call a friend over with the idea of having a glass of wine (maybe a bit more than that) and some good cheese but more important a great conversation flowing. Alas....this is HK! I do need to give much more notice to people than a few hours, so there were no takers for my offer. My husband is determined to visit the gymnasium after office to make up for all the lost time this week, my boys are fast asleep thanks to all our swimming this evening, so that just leaves me all by myself writing my blog and writing it takes away all my loneliness as I am surrounded by my thoughts.

As I look outside my balcony, I see the Hong Kong that I like, I prefer. HK by night with its twinkling lights, calmer streets and a considerable decrease in the noise level. Yet I know that there is another part of HK which at this moment would be filled with a different kind of noise, a different kind of energy - maybe on the streets of Lan Kwai Fong. A HK that knows how to party and party hard. Some of my friends complain that I do not make the most of this "other'' side of HK and that I am already outdated since I do not know the names of most of the 'happening' bars in the city. I laugh it out but the truth is that I really like to just be at home. I might 'over-socialise' during the day but as the evening draws close, I like being in my comfort zone with my family. Not that I do not party at all, I do just enough to suit my liking or when some new dresses scream out in the closet to be worn, but as the evening wears on, I prefer to head back home even if to watch a nice movie or to chat with my husband late into the night. Of course it was different earlier when I would beg for permission from my mum to party or when the night always felt too short before we had to head back home. But time flies and priorities change.'t take too much to satisfy me, does it? Good night!

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