Family movie night

The idea of a family movie came about when I realised how each one of us gets involved doing our own thing every weekend and unless we have planned an activity outdoors we all work in our own solo worlds. My elder son plays on his PS3, the younger one alternating between watching his brother play and playing with his toy cars, my husband busy on his smart phone and I am inundated with pending household chores which somehow increase by the dozen on a weekend! That's when I felt that we should do something together, as a family. I would have liked something like an easy hike up the mountains, or go to the seaside - but I could already hear loud protests about these. Instead I thought we could do something that no one would have a major objection to and is relatively easily done. So movies it was then....specially since the kids get to watch no TV during the week and its a great way to calm down energies at the end of the day, let the mind go wandering into fantasy land and more important bring some peace and quiet in the house besides bringing us together.

So either on a Friday or Saturday evening around 7 pm, post the dinner mayhem and all the washing up and cleaning ritual, we pull out the sofa, turn it into a bed, prop some pillows, drag out quilts and amidst some pushes and cuddles settle down to watch the family movie of the week!

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