The poet in me...on a crazy today

I started writing this poem about a week ago, can't believe it took so long. Much more difficult than writing a text. Hat's off to all my poet-blogger-friends!

Dear God, 

Once in a while 
After all your jobs are done,
Could you please put the world 
On auto-run

I don't know how to say this
I am trying not to groan,
But just to put it simply 
I am suffering from 'My Time Deficiency Syndrome!' 

I plan my week in advance 
I work hard day and night,
To finish off my to-do lists 
Hoping tomorrow would be 'light' 

'Light' enough to just sit down 
I am not asking for a nap,
Its nice to call up friends sometimes 
Or just chat on my WhatsApp.

Pedicures and manicures are nice to do
I like to spend time on how I look,
But the very first minute that I get free 
I want to log on to Facebook.

I don't want to do the dishes today
I don't want to clean the sink,
I don't want to iron that huge pile of clothes
I just want to sit down and think.

Think of what to write about
Something special for my blog,
It could be funny, it could be sweet

Maybe something that leaves my readers agog.

I don't want to make fresh soup today
A can would do just fine,
I don't want to run for activities

All I want is some free time.

They say I should hire a helper

But of what use is that I say,
I love my life the way it is
I only need a change today

Today, today, just for today!

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