Now that's what I call a friend!

Out of the blue
In the middle of the day
I get a call from my school friend
"I am coming your way!"

I try to explain
I don't want to be rude
"My house is too tiny
Staying here will be no good."

"Oh don't worry honey,
I will be saving my husband's money
We could all adjust
But stay with you I must!"

At her wedding 

The day came so soon

I was still fretting about the space
When in barged my friend
Like it was her own place!

After the kisses and the cuddles
When the boys settled in their room
Into the kitchen she charged
"Show me where's your broom?"

The house was being cleaned

I couldn't believe what I saw,
She started chopping the onions
I was left gaping with awe!

Is she really the same girl
Who in a game of throw ball,
For fear of her perfect nails being chipped
Would let the ball fall?

She has trained her kids well
To eat what's in their plate
But back then in school
Chocolate was all she ever ate!

She commands her boys
To be prim and proper,
But forgets that in school
Her pinafore was always slipping down her shoulder!

Now I do get house guests now and then
Both family and friends,
But when you have your school mate staying
The fun just never ends!

We roamed through the streets
Posing for a photo at every corner
We chatted in buses and coffee shops
Doing mehendi for each other.

When it came to shopping
Hermes could take a walk,
We wanted handbags that could carry things
And not clutches just to talk!

'Cause its only with a school friend
That you can leave your pretensions behind
And its only with your best friend
That you can you be you all the time.

Soon it was time for her to leave
4 short days were over,
Bags were packed at super speed
There was no room for disorder.

And as we saw the bus approaching
We paused a moment to look at each other,
Our attention soon diverted by echoing "Mummy! Mummy!"
2 young girls turned into 2 super-mothers! 

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