Best of Mom/Dad Blogs 2013

It's amazing! One minute you are sitting alone and writing your post wondering why would anyone be interested in reading it and then the next you are the proud recipient of not one but two awards in the same week. Suddenly your inbox is filled with new comments!

Last week was extremely rewarding for me. After being nominated for the Liebster award by a fellow blogger, my blog was also recognised by Little Steps Asia, Hong Kong's leading e-newsletter and family web portal. For their recent Best of Blogs 2013 survey, they claim to have hand picked Asia's Top Mom and Daddy bloggers offering regional insight into parenting and my blog is one of the chosen ones! You can read more out here

This recognition was very special since Little Steps is one of the websites that I used to frequently visit whenever I got stuck for ideas on where to go for the weekend or for an approaching long holiday or just to know what are the kids' friendly restaurants in HK. I remember printing out the list for Santa's grotto locations and Christmas carols on HK island from this website. Their Halloween guide helped me locate the closest store to find costumes for my kids and recently I have been reading their Party Planner guide for the boys' birthdays coming up in March.

So a big thank you to Little Steps Asia and a bigger thank you to all of you who visit my blog, share your comments or just be a part of my happiness all the way from Miss India to Motherhood!

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