Mother's Day Poem

"Maa," the sound so soft yet urgent
Whether it's night or day,
Evokes different feelings in my heart
In every possible way.

With my little baby in June 2010

I wonder what's the matter
Is he upset or has he got hurt,
Or is it just one of his calls saying
"Maa can you get me my shirt?"

"Coming!" I shout out loudly
"This is the very last time", I mutter
For he has to learn to do things himself
"You are no baby now!" I utter.

He is lying still on the bed
His face contorted in pain
"Oh my God what happened my love?"
Those thoughts...I wanted to die in shame!

"Joking!" he giggles and jumps out of the bed
As I heave a big sigh of relief,
I wanted to yell and reprimand him
And yet I hugged him tight, in disbelief!

When did this happen, how did it start?
I was once so level-minded and cool!
Did this change happen overnight
When I turned into a sentimental fool?

The good news is that I now often
Understand and appreciate this person other
With my mother in 1976
Whose life I might have changed when I was born
Yes indeed it is my own Mother!

Those countless hours spent caring for me
Without any complain or a sigh
She gave me love and happiness
And taught me to hold my head up high!

Lost in the thoughts of my Mother
Who is sitting miles away from me,
I hear a screech and a crash and a "Maa" coming from the kitchen,
Today is Mother's Day and breakfast is 'hopefully' being prepared for me!

Here's wishing my mother a very Happy Mother's Day. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me.

Wishing all you wonderful Mammas a very Happy Mother's Day too! 

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