Just a week more to go

Can't believe it's the last week of school. Can't believe the mad rush every morning, noon and night is about to end or rather pause for the next 7 weeks.

I can feel the tempo slowing down already. After-school activities are ending, some already have. It's the week of saying goodbyes to friends, teachers and to Hong Kong. Like everyone else I can't wait to head back home for the holidays, but every year just before the holidays begin, there are these moments that catch me off guard as I realise how quickly my boys are growing up. Seems like yesterday when my elder son let go of my hand as he quietly followed his Year 1 teacher to his new class and this coming year it is my baby’s turn as he gets prepared to take the big plunge into Primary school. Moving to a 30-student class after being mollycoddled in his small and colourful 10-children classroom is going to be a big move for him. Thank God he will have his brother around! Snap out, snap out, I tell myself….. let’s get back on focus - it is holiday time!

Some of my friends have been more sensible and left town already before flights get jam-packed with excited children running around and tired mums and dads who need a stiff drink. We are leaving a bit later though, my bright idea! I thought I'd need some time to shop, pack, and cook for hubby who is staying behind and have the house in order before I leave. Now I feel I can do ALL of this and MORE in half a day and JUST LEAVE! Take off! Fly to my country, my family, and most of all towards RELAXATION like no massage or spa can offer! Thanks to having two wonderful mothers who take complete charge as soon as I land, I get a long holiday from cooking, cleaning, supermarket shopping, doing errands above all managing two very active boys. Holidays….here I come!

Have a great holiday!

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