Shorts, tops, dresses and more for SALE!

As any normal teenager I loved shopping. Shopping at that time meant buying fun stuff like clothes and shoes and not visiting the supermarket! I like cotton, casual, comfortable styles. Shorts, t-shirts, jeans... I can live in those! Though I liked visiting high-end stores and boutiques, it was street shopping that I enjoyed the most. My favourite streets were Bandra Linking road and Colaba Causeway which used to be filled with rows and rows of colourful clothes at great bargains! Then one day I was introduced to a family-run business producing just what I loved - high quality casual garments at affordable prices!

These garments though sourced and manufactured in India travel the globe. Italy, France, UK, USA, Russia, just to name a few.

Going for a birthday party
with the boys in this
printed bright yellow maxi
Blue floral dress
and here I go shopping!
The good news is that they are now available in Hong Kong! My love for these clothes makes me bring along a few carefully selected pieces for my friends to choose from and buy and then through word-of-mouth the circle gets extended. Branded SUMMER - for the love and warmth in which they wrap us, here are a few photographs. As you would notice, the photos are not very professional but what they convey is a sense of happiness, belonging and pride as my family and I happily pose in them.

Do send me a comment out here if you are interested in purchasing any of these. I have limited quantities in each piece, some of them are just single-pieces so there is no guarantee that they will be available by the time we fix up an appointment. However there are many many more styles to choose from. Skirts, tops, shorts, dresses, jumper suits. I also have a new collection of children's clothing for little girls from 1 - 11 years old. My pretty nieces have modelled some for us! So here goes...

This comfortable yet stylish dress is great for a quick rush
to the bus stop to collect the kids

My original model till she became a busy mum -
my pretty sis-in-law modelling
a cool and casual jumper-suit for a different look
Mum-in-law all set to host a party in her
 brand new chiffon printed top

This floral skirt with a laced edge
 makes me walk in style
This white embroidered shorts are so comfortable and cool
with deep pockets to help carry my phone, keys and my Octopus card!

This pastel aqua marine dress is perfect
complement to its surroundings 

Princess No.1 says pink is her favourite colour
specially if it has lace straps
This polka-dot dress is made of the lightest, softest fabric,
 perfect for a little girl

A must-have in the wardrobe, this cool, cotton white shirt
 is paired with a striking green pair of shorts
Floral fashion or red-sashed cotton comfort,
the choice is yours!

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