Since the past few days
Or maybe even a week
I have been entangled in some thoughts
Which have taken away my sleep.

What is this life about
Do I have any purpose or goal?
Or am I just a drifter
Waiting for my path to unfold.

I feel restless during the day
Get hazy dreams at night,
I wake up with a sense of emptiness 
Nothing to look forward, left or right!

It's not that I am unhappy
Or crying my heart out as they say
It's just a feeling of uneasiness
As if I am wasting my life each day.

I try to 'blog' to ease the pain
About things that are dear to me,
But even after an hour goes by
My thoughts are as muddled as can be.

So I go for long walks up the mountain
And amidst the peace and quiet I try to find,
Patience and strength to wait for the answers
For HIM to show me the path that is mine.

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