Back from camp!

He is back! 4 days and 3 nights away from home at the school camp. It felt quite different and strange not to have him around. For me the second night was the worst of all as I kept thinking about him, about how he would be faring. So today I had gone to school to pick him up though he normally takes the school bus back home.

Their bus had just arrived as I reached school and I tried to look for him in the sea of neon green camp hats. I located his teacher first and then I saw him. He wasn't expecting me and wasn't looking around too. I quietly went around and then grabbed him from the back, in the tightest bear hug one can ever give. A bear hug that is reserved for mums only for her boys. I closed my eyes with a big smile plastered on my lips and was completely oblivious to my surroundings. I had expected him to wriggle away, embarrassed and all that but he stood completely still as if basking in my warm embrace. We finally got out of our trance and he said "Mummy! I didn't know you were coming to school!" 

Actually I had just come back home from their school an hour ago, as I had gone for a school trip with my younger son's class. I had finished my cooking and making a snack for the boys in that short one hour, was quite tired and wasn't too inclined in doing a trip back to school in the heat. But then I just did, and in retrospect I was so glad I did. The conversations that you have immediately after they finish are very different from the ones you get back home. "Ushi, do you know I said a Good Night to you every single night? Were you able to hear me?" He thinks and then replies "No, I couldn't hear you but I did say a good night to you too Mummy." "What about Daddy?" I asked. "No just to you Mummy!" Then he added "I did not cry like last time but I was scared in the night and I thought of you a lot". I took some photos and then he suddenly disappeared. I kept waiting not knowing where he had gone. When the 3 o'clock bell rang, I saw him at last, coming towards me hand in hand with his brother who ran up ahead to inform me "Mummy look he is is here!" 

We are at home now. The missing piece back in my puzzle I can finally write a new post after a hiatus of 13 days which is a long time in a blogger's calendar. And as with each post in my blog, writing fills me with a kind of happiness and satisfaction very different from everything else. A good start to the weekend and the upcoming mid-term break next week! 

Boys are in their bath now, and for a change quite peaceful so far. I better upload this post quick before life gets back to normal....which from experience would be another 3 minutes away! Hope you have your little campers back home too, or if their camps are yet to commence then please take my friendly suggestion and go to their school to welcome them. It makes a world of a difference! 

To read about his camp last year please read here.

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