My new blog cover!

So, did you like it? 

I am so excited about my new blog cover page that I decided to blog about it! While it might look like a simple collage to you, it has taken me quite a lot of effort and time to make it. The collage part was easy (software suggested by my 9-year old son!) but choosing the 'perfect' photograph out of the thousands that we keep clicking away aimlessly was a humongous effort. (Almost made me miss those days of the classic camera roll with standard 36 prints and 3 limited albums to pick photos from!)

Let's start with the topmost left-hand side corner image 'SUMMER'. Now I do have a special relationship with these line of clothes as they make me look exactly who I am and keep me comfortable and happy. Selling these clothes as a small part-time business from home has helped me boost my confidence, given me an opportunity to meet new people and make a little pocket money! Read about my SUMMER affair out here. 

While I was browsing through all my pictures I realised I had an affinity towards nature. There were countless photographs of the sun, sky and sea. So I have shared my top three favourites out here. The top photograph of a beautiful sunset is one of my favourites taken from a dear friend's house. The others were taken during memorable road trips in England which brings out my love for travelling. Some more pictures out here. 

Have you noticed a photograph showing a flight of steps and then another one with a direction sign-post? These were taken during my frequent hikes up the hills to Hong Kong island's highest point - The Peak. An affordable and enjoyable way of keeping fit this and other walking trails in different parts of Hong Kong is where the real beauty of the city lies. Read more about my hikes out here. 

My new love for baking is evident from the cakes and breads huddled in the left hand side corner. Somehow baking gives me the kind of pleasure and appreciation that normal cooking methods of frying, boiling, roasting just cannot! Check out the pride in my face as I hold up my very first and formal 'roti' in my kitchen in London. I had to crop that photo to eliminate all the mess that I had created around me in the process! Want to read about my baking hits and misses? 

The photograph in the top right corner brings back special memories of my friends in London. The further you are from home, the tighter the friendship bonds get and I had the good opportunity to gain such lifelong friendships. Hope my best friend in Mumbai isn't listening! I am always ready to make new friends wherever I go and at the same time I do take the time to maintain and build on the old ones. A little something about a recent school re-union sleepover back in Mumbai. 

The odd calendar month of June sticking out in the middle is an integral and inseparable part of me as my life revolves around schedules of school, activities, appointments, coffee mornings, play dates, dinner dates, dentist appointments and what not! For regular activities I normally like to plan my schedule a week in advance with more notice for more important events. While I do like to plan and organise my life, it helps when once in a while we just cancel all plans and have a pyjama party at home with back-to-back movies, popcorn and mess! With most of my life going online this is one feature that I still prefer be on pen and paper. One of my old posts on ME time when the calendar was a whole blob of ink!

An old saree-clad picture of me from my modelling days brings back sweet memories from a carefree world and considering the title of my blog, I just had to have it there! Que sera sera whatever will be will be....

Last but not the least are pictures with my family. With my husband during one of our lucky night-outs in London and us again 10 years before that taken as part of my portfolio shoot. Then the one taken in with both my sons falling on my back on a lazy day in Wales and then another with them swimming in the sea on a perfect summer's day. I loved this completely natural photograph taken of the whole family as we stepped out of our tents for an early morning breakfast at Palm Beach camp. But my favourite is the one in Disneyland where we celebrated my little boy's 5th birthday.  Most of my blog posts centre around my children but I thought of mentioning this special one written by the junior blogger. 

So that is me from Miss India to Motherhood!