My Christmas Tree

So here it is right in front of me. Standing tall, tall as me, in its full decked glory. All decorated with tinsels and ornaments and glittering with a garland of lights. It lets me know its presence through its woody pine fragrance every time I pass by. And makes me feels happy every time I just cast a glance at it. Yes, that is my REAL Christmas tree!

When I was small we had a Christmas tree growing in our building compound that I used to help decorate. We lived in a three-storey building, with the tree as tall as the first storey. By the time I was in secondary school, this tree had grown to the full building height and stood majestically facing the busy main road. While earlier a few baubles and some ribbons and cotton were enough to make it look pretty, its extended height needed a person to climb up its strong branches to gain access and decorate it more. My father had also got a string of colourful lights put around it and every evening when the lights were switched on, it attracted the attention of residents and passers-by alike, making me feel proud of my possession.

So this year I wanted to enjoy a bit of the 'real' flavour and went ahead and splurged on a decent size Noble Fir tree. I was so excited I wanted to start decorating immediately but contained myself till the kids came back home from school. We then started with the decorations - the lights, the tinsels, the star on the top. After having putting up the last of the glittering balls, I realised that my tree still looked a bit empty and impersonal. That's when I knew what I missed. Instead of running out to the shops to buy yet another box of artificial decor, I climbed up the ladder and brought out the children's old art-work which is stored safely in my suitcase. Some of them more than seven years old, as they belong to my elder son when he was in Nursery school! When I got them all out, the boys ditched making their cards and ran over to pull out the colourful bits and pieces, giving out short squeals of excitement when they came across a much-loved piece of art! We chose the pieces that would go up on the tree, some for the main door and then I carefully put away the rest. I attached tiny strings to the ones meant to be hanged and in no time our Christmas tree was ready and in full bloom too!

Wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas!

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