The Winter Sun

It's winter and it is getting cold
What's the best place that a house can hold?
No not the fireplace, neither by the heater,
Just sit out in the open sun, it can't get any better!

Uses neither electricity nor eats up any wood
The warm winter sun can make anyone feel good.
Whether you are at home or walking by in a street
It's the sun's rays that you crave for, not who you meet.

For no furs in the world, whether fake or real
Can match the warmth of the sun, and the way it makes you feel
And as I sit in my balcony basking in the sun
My mind goes back all those years to past winters and memories re-run.

Of my mother as she brushes her thick, tousled hair
And me next to her who just stands and stares
As the sun plays tricks, oh what a sight to behold!
Are they brown or auburn or gloriously gold?

Of those lazy winter afternoons
In my Lonavla bungalow
As I lay down with my dogs
Using their bellies as my pillow!

Of those cold, wet days in London
As the leaves start to fall
The first burst of sunlight
Brings out cheers and smiles, for no reason at all!

One fine day when I will be old
Too old to remember my age,
It is the winter sun and the memories with it
That will give my creaking bones some solace.

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