My better half

"I can't write any more." I finally admitted it out loud as my exhausted husband walked in though the door after having a long day at work followed by a bout of rugby with his mates. "Its not that I don't have the time or the energy to write, it's just that I don't know what to write about!" 

Taking a deep sigh as if getting prepared for his long evening with his bored yet energetic housewife, he blurted out, "Write about me!" "About you? What can I write about you?" I left it at that but my mind had already started processing. Write about my husband? I was doubtful. Yes I have written bits about him in some of my posts, here and there, and yes once I even wrote about our wedding day! But I have never really written anything about our 12 years of marriage or the 5 years of courtship prior to that. It was just so long ago......

He walked upto me
And started to speak
I looked into his eyes
Were my legs going weak?

"I need your notebooks," he said
 No hint of a smile
I was his senior you see
My notes were the best around for miles

Thus started a friendship
Something more, I wasn't sure
The day he returned my books 
We laughed some more.

The innocence, the charm, 
The glory, the game
The confidence of youth
The name and the fame.

I knew that deep within
There was a heart put to test
With every word that I spoke
I could see it flutter and rest.

His childish ways, 
His impish smile
His warm brown eyes
His scent divine.

Till one day when
I spoke my mind
"Shall we give it a try?
Will you be mine?"

They were the softest lips 
That I touched with mine
My heart was lost
And so was my mind.

Thank you dearest husband for making me get over this 'writer's block!'

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