How to win at Barbecue - BBQ Recipes & Menu

A barbecue party that I recently hosted made me realize how much we stress upon the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘when’ of it all. Amalgamating guest preferences, cooking techniques on the barbecue grill (with an audience) and the man hours required can be quite a task, you will agree. Add to that the stress of getting all the supplements ready – the tableware, the starters, the drinks et all – all for your happy guests and oh, not to undermine the importance of good weather! 

While choosing the drinks and tableware can be quite standard, my battle was with the ‘what’ part. Countless internet  BBQ recipes, suggestions from my friends and hit past BBQ recipes all contributed to the final BBQ menu, of course, and now for my part, I will be a good Samaritan and share it – all tried and tested for a guaranteed good time. I am not saying they are all original but they do have my trademark style and sass as you might find as you read further on. 

For detailed recipes of my menu that day from Roast Lamb and Grilled Chicken to Dahi vadas, healthy salads and desserts, click on my article featured on The Hong Kong Indian Lifestyle Portal, HK Yantoyan - Enjoy!

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