Mix & Match Animals Pocket Chart - a review

One advantage about being a mom blogger is having an opportunity to do a review for children's products. I like reading customer reviews before buying something new as I can better understand the advantages of the product or their drawbacks as experienced by a like-minded user. So I was more than happy to do this review when approached by Meadow Kids. 

The package arrived one morning when the kids were at school so I was quite excited about giving it to them as a surprise when they came back home. I had no idea about the 'toy' being sent and left it unopened. Once the boys were home and the 'special gift' handed over to them, there were squeals of excitement and little ripping sounds as the gift was opened up rather in haste. I must say I was impressed with the very neatly packaged item. It turned out to be a 'Mix and Match Animals Pocket Chart' designed for age 3 years and above. My elder son obviously lost interest but my 6-year old was quite curious and opened up the transparent plastic folder to take the contents out. It turned out to be a table-top chart set complete with flash cards and a white board. The erasable marker pen provided caught his interest and he started scribbling the animal names on the cards. Soon we started a game with him writing down the animal name on one side and me trying to guess the animal and putting together its jigsaw on the other! When we finished all the contents could be neatly put away together in the folder provided.  

Educative and fun, this is the perfect travel game to keep the kids busy on a long flight. The recommended age is between 3 and 6 years so after some time I plan to pass it on to the younger cousins in the family. The high quality of materials used will make it a long-lasting and a much cherished gift. For more information please visit http://www.meadowkids.com/list_products.asp?catalog=1184. 

Please note that the views given here are purely my own based on my experience with this product.

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