A whole new beginning

It's almost time now. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I am going back to school!

Time flies. Can't believe I have been a mother for 10 years now. Traded my corporate job 8 years ago for a much satisfying, yet much demanding job as a full-time mother. Given all my time and attention to my family. Playing with my children, teaching them, learning from them, taking care of them, I am happy to live life like this forever. I remember the first day of school for my elder son, when it was me not him clutching on to his hand till the very last minute, before he was led in to the class by his teacher. I remember how lost I felt when my younger one started full-day school. It was as if someone had taken away my job! I was lost for days, gazing at the clock, waiting for the time they had to be picked up. However things move on and with that needs and priorities change. I slowly got adjusted, made good use of all the extra time....well for sometime at least, till I felt the need to do more. I mean how much longer are the kids going to need me? And before there comes a time when one of them says 'Mum can you please leave me alone?' I would like to have something of my own to keep myself occupied and happy.

What was that something though? The realisation dawned on me one fine day as I was dropping off my son to his pre-school and the happy surroundings, cries and laughter of the kids and the teachers lovingly holding their hands and singing songs made me not want to leave. I started volunteering for the school and loved every minute of it. But I wasn't sure if it was the school environment or my kids' presence that was the reason for this feel-good factor. So I volunteered in another public school. I did a few hours every week for a whole school year and after that my mind was made up. I wanted to become a teacher.

Fees paid, bag packed, ready to go, but wait a minute! It isn't easy for a full-time mum, specially one without a helper, to suddenly say bye-bye to all her duties and take off like that! So there comes another super-mum to the rescue! One who just dropped everything back home at the mere mention of needing her, and is here today to lend her whole-hearted support - my mum-in-law. Did I ever mention kids not needing their mum after they grow up? Maybe I need to re-think.

Wish me luck!

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