Only a Mother

I need you
To come stay
To help me manage my home
As I go away.

A new chance
A new horizon I seek
Will u support my decision
Will you be here for me?

I waited 
With bated breath
For the whys, the how's, the when's and maybe
She had to come so far from her home 
She had to stay here for a month or three

"So what should I bring?"
Was the first thing I heard
I thought I had misunderstood 
"Pickles or curry paste, chutney or mayonnaise?"
"Oh mum" I said "Thank you, thank you!"

And here she is with me today
Step for step matched together
I go for my class everyday
While the house runs silently on her steady shoulders

She might look frail and old and grey
But when she is put to the test
A lioness she can turn into
When it comes to protecting her cubs
She is the best!

The kids are ecstatic to have their grandma
The husband is grinning wide too
I am so fortunate to have such a mum-in-law
I had one mother
Now I have two!

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