Kids Dailies Hong Kong - a review

Today I had a lovely, quiet Saturday afternoon with my 6-year old. We spent almost an hour looking through some past Kids Dailies. It was a little over a month ago when we started receiving these daily newspapers in the post. Daily 7 for my 6-year old and Daily 10 for my 10-year old.

The first week there was a mad rush for the letter box to see who could get their daily first! Rushing upstairs the boys would barely be through the door before they would start ripping off the plastic cover too see their Daily. I literally had to get them both off their dailies in order to have a snack and get the afternoon going with their activities.

The dailies would come in handy at bedtime though as a little treat post their school reading just before they went off to sleep. I like to read the Daily 7 along with my 6-year old starting with showing him the day and date in the paper and then moving on to the front page photograph and talking about it. The centre spread usually covers news (using large pictures and lesser text) from different countries with a nice map of the world at the side highlighting Where do today's stories come from? The back cover of the paper normally has puzzles, spot the difference and other hands-on activities which we leave for weekends. Fridays would bring in double issues for both Friday and Saturday.

Daily 10 though on similar lines as Daily 7 is clearly for an older audience giving more detailed information along with a little dictionary on the side for challenging words. It covers history, geography, news and includes relevant topics under each head. Though I did not personally get a chance to read much of Daily 10, I know my elder son really enjoyed reading it. 

The dailies also turn up at the breakfast table the following day keeping the boys quiet and out of mischief and giving me the much needed breather at that busy time of the day.

However after the first few weeks the excitement does die down. Kids Dailies offer a monthly subscription at a great value price of HK$ 88, however they require a minimum 6 months subscription which in my opinion is too long to sustain interest. Ideally one should have a month-by-month subscription offer so that parents can pace the dailies out for their kids. The great news is that they have a weekly trial offer so one can get a feel of the paper at no cost!

Another recommendation would be to cancel the Saturday issue, as I feel that the weekend is full of activities and family get-together leaving no time to read this issue. In fact the child should see it as a school-day routine to bring in the interest and discipline to read. Also I wish the plastic covers of the issues are replaced with eco-friendly paper envelopes.

To summarise the Kids Dailies are a great source of information, entertainment and motivation to read for children, who love receiving their own personal post everyday!

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