A Family Holiday

One of the highlights of my summer holiday in India this year, was a short trip to a private planned city being built near Pune called Lavasa. This trip was more to do with whom I had gone with rather than the destination. I started writing about it as a narrative as usual but realised that there was so much to write and so many details to provide that only a rhyme might do it justice. Attempting to share my memories of this wonderful holiday with you.

en-route to Lavasa
It started with an idea
An intention to have fun,
The date was chosen and fixed
The preparations had begun.

A WhatsApp group was formed
Excitement shared, fears heard
What are you planning to carry?
Or shall we decide the destination first?

And so it went on and on
Discussions and suggestions galore,
The day was drawing closer
The packing piled up all the more.

It was a Saturday morning
Busy and bustling no doubt
The car boots over loaded
Like we were heading for a drought!

The men then took some time
To discuss the route in parts,
The kids were getting impatient
The holiday had to start!

And soon we were on our way
Leaving the city and grime,
One car leading the procession
5 cars following behind.

The drive was lovely but quite long
Filled with songs from yesteryear,
The route was so scenic and green
That we forgot to take the right turn!

Nevertheless we reached
All safe and sound at least,
Grabbing my room keys I ran
I needed a place to rest in peace.

Once all the cars trickled in
All peace and quiet was gone
Kids ran around helter-skelter
The hotel was now made home.

Meal times were the craziest
A quiet observer I had become,
For while my kids had grown up
The rest were just 3 or 2 or 1.

Hungry kids hard to manage
Mothering styles put to test,
Dads hovering near the kitchen
Grand dads longing for some rest

Oh and did I forget the grand mums?
‘Been there and done that’ types
Advice flowing out faster than a river
Why couldn't these daughters get it right!

And when it was time to take a stroll
Just to get everyone together took a toll
A smile here and a pose there
It was a photographer’s nightmare!

Family holiday - July 2014
Soon it was time to leave
And amidst all the confusion and grief
One thing we all agreed and shouted out
Family holidays are the very best, no doubt!

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