7 ways to beat the blues

Its Monday morning. A perfectly bright, sunny day. Kids at school, husband in office, leaving a good part of the day free for me, to do what I choose to do. I can hear the birds chirping, toddlers laughing as they splash about in the pool, ships sounding their sirens in the distance, a perfectly beautiful day. Maybe I could go for a walk up the mountains, meet a friend for lunch or go shopping to buy that much-needed hair serum. Yet all I can manage to do is lift my coffee mug and take a small sip of the burning hot liquid. I can't seem to figure out what I am feeling or why I am feeling what I am feeling? Its a state of inertia, a confusion of some sort, maybe with a hint of melancholy - I just can't seem to understand the range of these dead-pan emotions that are keeping me rooted to my chair.

Has this ever happened to you? When nothing, absolutely nothing is really wrong and yet you are feeling blue. It refuses to go and makes you feel miserable for no obvious reason. It could last for a few hours or sometimes even days, the weather could add to too. It is hard to break through the dullness and the more lethargic you feel, the more it grips you.

That's enough now I tell myself as I pull out my laptop and sign into my blogger account. One has to be able to break out of it. Even it takes every ounce of my strength to move out of my chair and get my hands working and mind ticking. Two and half paragraphs down I am already feeling a bit better as my emotions come pouring out.

So what do you when you are feeling down? Here are some tried and tested methods, in no particular order, that I have used in the past. Keep them handy for the next bout of blues-

1. Take a stroll by the beach. If you don't live close enough to one then just walk in a shady boulevard or go for a gentle hike. Be surrounded by nature. You will be amazed at how quickly the natural world can heal you. The sounds of the waves lapping at the shore, the rustle of the leaves, the drones of the bees can break out of your melancholy. 

2. Ever thrown stones in the water? Maybe when you were little. This is what my 6-year old does when he is upset or sometimes just for fun. Whether it is in a pond, sea or even a puddle, a simple action like this can vent out pent-up frustrations, even imaginary ones! I had a competition recently with my son, to see who can hurtle pebbles furthest out in the sea. I hadn't expected it to be so much fun and my inexplicable zombie state was soon forgotten! 

3. Release those endorphins - Haven't we read enough about its benefits and its direct effect on our moods? So quit staring at the screen and go for that run outdoors. Have a swimming pool in your building? Then use it or go for a quick gym workout. Look at the positives, the more the blue phases the more well-toned your body!

4. Play with a pet - Now that's one thing I would love to do at this moment. I remember those quiet afternoons sitting in solitude with my dogs, playing with their fur, stroking their ears or just lying down next to them, secure in the knowledge that they love me unconditionally, with the deepest sort of loyalty that no money can buy. That thought itself is guaranteed to pull you out of the darkest moods, bringing you immense joy and satisfaction.

5. Do a mundane activity - mop the floor, vacuum, tidy the bookshelf, or iron your pile of clothes. Besides the physical exertion that these jobs demand, the monotony of its routine can help you break through that inertia and might take the edginess off you. 

6. Be creative - paint, draw, cook, pot a plant- anything that helps you use your grey cells and gives you a sense of achievement.

7. Pamper yourself - Go for facial, a manicure or those eye-lash extensions that you have always been wanting to try. Now is the time to make yourself feel good, look pretty. Nail extensions, hot oil treatments, the world is waiting out there for you!

Whatever you do, do NOT just sit around idle. So get up and do something NOW! 

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