Sitting on my perch
On this cloudy, misty day
I look out at the sea
In a confused sort of way

The thoughts that I have
Are weird but true
The more I seem to achieve
The more I want to do.

Is it just me
Or the greed of human nature 
Happiness is short-lived
Satisfaction has no stature.

The ships steaming by
The boats chugging along
All seem to be telling me
Get up, do something, go on!

I work hard all day
I make it clear to them aloud 
I deserve a moment of rest and peace 
Without feeling guilty no doubt

They can't seem to be hearing me
They are blowing their angry horns
To tell me that I am wasting my time
That I have no right to sit and moan

So on my feet I stand reluctantly 
Taking a step then two then three
I know not where I am going or what I am going to do
It's just this restless feeling
I can't escape it, can you? 

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