Am I ageing?

As I looked at my face
In the mirror today
I stopped for a while and pondered,
Who is this strange lady looking back at me
When did she come into my life, I wondered?

The lines on her forehead
Are these crow's feet near her eyes?
The skin that once launched a dozen face creams
Is showing signs of wrinkles....Oh my!

The tired eyes, the grey in the hair
The sagging shoulders...its just not fair!
The dry flaky skin, the ache in the bones
Oh God what happened...I sit and groan!

The mirror is laughing back at me
Reminding me of someone I know

Of a hand that shows veins
Yet as firm as a rock
Of a face that has aged
Yet full of love and warmth

While her friends went for facials and treatments galore
She would always be around us with ease
A piping hot meal or a cinema trip we asked for
We just had to say "Mummy please!"

Waking her up at 5 in the morning
"I want to go horse riding" I say
And mum would be up, no questions asked
Drive her Jeep as the sun rose past.

"Mummy look your skin has become all loose!"
I stretched her cheeks that were lined
She just smiled back, did not lose her cool
"Thank God it's the skin and not my mind"

I turn back to the mirror and say with glee
You don't scare me now for sure
For if I have to turn into my mother one day
Then that's all what I want and nothing more.

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